apparent movement - SF digital short film (2009)

my graduation project my first short film

Humankind makes progress haman reconstruction project that disguised as BIG BANG experimentation for preparing mayan's eschatology.
Coming to an end, unknown power who is being hided makes the 'e_boy' happening by mass media.
Peoples are confused, the expectation time comes, the human reconstruction project is carried into effect.
It's my First short film
As the world advances in civilzation, people's conversation and communication decreased, carrying machines and several mass media became a information delivery man like eyes and ears of body.
peoples get a information they want, believe it easy. Does not the speech spin control inveigle us by political and religional goal ?
wanted to think about the media distrust and consciousness with others.
I wrote the words in two materials unscientific Maya's prediction, scientific BIG BANG experimentation. the 'e~boy" in a drama is the symbol of the human no face, incognitos od modern times.
The media get a energy by the general public and died by it. The man knowing the truth and deny and resist. But the resistance is meaninglessness.
I wanted to draw a person front of BIG BANG mass media by the man. The scene in the last BIG BANG system started works and civilization destroyed by the satellite fall was resistance to the media.
As you watching reflection, I really want we have correct eyes for the media, no hopeless and pessimistic eyes and live our real life with out comparing actuality media shows with real actuality as like humankind borns again and rebuild the world after the world has been destroyed.
Concept art
story board
Director : Jinha.lee3D - Jinha.leeedit - Jinha. leefx sound : Hyunwook.jungrecording : hogean.yoon & youngjun.joBGM : sangho. leevoice : jinha.lee & youngjin. songactor : & seanghan.jung & jeahoon.nam & jeawook.leemake up : dam.jeong & jungean.woosupport : jinwoo.seok


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